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What kind of clients do we work with? Full Blossom offers a wide variety of services that may include individual and couples counseling, referral for medication management (psychiatry), and help for issues like depression, anxiety, career issues, addiction, eating disorders, and others.

We provide individual and family counseling to help restore emotional stability and functioning. While we work with all age groups dealing with a myriad of emotional issues, we specialize in working with parents dealing with children who have challenging behaviors like:

  • aggression toward peers, parents, siblings
  • severe temper tantrums
  • refusal to follow directions
  • withdrawn
  • depressed
  • behavior problems in school

We assess the cause(s) of challenging behaviors by completing a comprehensive family assessment and developing individual and family treatment plans. We  offer specific strategies to parents and children to help them overcome these behavioral challenges. 

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Our therapists have over 17 years of combined expertise working with parents and children. Your trusted therapists are licensed/certified to work with you and provide confidential counseling.